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Once Bitten, Twice Prepared by Author Elaine Collier

Once Bitten, Twice Prepared by Author Elaine Collier

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Once Bitten, Twice Prepared is an account of Elaine’s journey with two breast cancer diagnoses, 14 years apart, and how her spirituality, personal development and a range of techniques helped her take back control and get through her second diagnosis with a new positive outlook.

Although this is Elaine's personal account of her breast cancer diagnoses and treatment, the techniques she uses to help her cope can be adapted to any life crisis. They are all simple and easy to do, but they do need commitment.

Her book is honest, inspiring, and written with just a touch of humour as she takes you on her journey through two cancer treatments, her path to spirituality and her personal regime of coping techniques.


About the Author

Elaine Collier started her spiritual journey in her late 20s after a visit to a spiritualist church inspired her to seek more. Over the years she trained in many modalities and therapies which totally changed her life. In her late 50s, she opened the Como Centre with her good friend and business partner, where they taught a wide range of mind, body, and spirit subjects. Sadly, the business closed at the height of the Covid Pandemic in 2020/21 and Elaine turned to writing as a lockdown project. Elaine lives in South Oxfordshire with her non-blood family and her soppy cat, Roxy. She has a son, Jordan, who shares her love of all things spiritual and currently lives in Bali. Never thinking a book was a possibility, she followed her intuition to share her story and the result is this, her first published book.

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