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Your voice matters. Your story matters. Your testimony will inspire others. We work with women who are ready to break their silence and release their testimony to the world!

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You don’t need a finished manuscript to work with Journey Written. We want to help you put your first words on paper. Together, we will work from organizing your thoughts and experiences to helping you write your book!

Your voice deserves to be heard! 

Another way in which Journey Written is different from other book-writing services is that we help you integrate a workbook, study guide, or guided-journal into your book. We include this extra feature because a workbook allows the writer to not only share her story & testimony but also her exact process and framework of her journey. This provides transformation and a roadmap for other women to follow her steps and heal. Workbooks also have the power to inspire other women to “be ready” to share their stories.

What if your book could...

change just one person’s life forever? Releasing your story in a creative and innovative way is a challenge.  Journey Written makes that challenge a lot easier.

We specialize in memoirs, non-fiction books, workbooks, and guided-journals that focuses on women's life story, their story of breakthrough, courage, empowerment, and testimony.

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I trust in my writing process. What I say matters. I have the courage to begin and continue until the end. I feel at ease when I write because I realize all I need to do is focus on the next best step. Yes my story is worth being told. Yes it does matter. Yes I do have what it takes to write it.

"I chose to work with Journey Written because I needed help writing my story of rejection - my testimony. I knew Brit would challenge me to write and share my story in a way that would be raw and relatable, but also empower my readers to heal and do their own inner healing work. She challenged me at times to dig deep within myself to share parts of my story that I didn't think I could..."

Author Amber Nicole Bryant

"Brit really got me focused on what I wanted to achieve. She pulled my story out of me, sometimes digging deep into parts of my journey that I had either forgotten or didn't particularly want to revisit. She gave me the confidence that my story was worth telling and the enthusiasm to keep writing. She broke the work down into manageable chunks so that I had enough work to do without being overwhelmed ..."

Author Elaine K Collier

"Journey Written was a life-changing experience for me. Not only did I gain a book writing coach, but I also gained an accountability partner & someone who believed in the impact & success of my book. The book writing process itself was challenging & there were days when I became extremely overwhelmed, but Brit gave me the courage I needed when I was too overwhelmed to believe in myself..."

Author LaKrystal Lovett

"Today’s strategy session was absolutely amazing. Your ability to hear all of my multiple stories and make sense of them. How you took everything we discussed and strategized literally created an outline of the book. Strategized on how I can turn my book into multiple streams for my coaching programs. Whew, I thank God for you..."

- Jessica Rene, Founder & CEO of BrandedWC

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