Who We Are

Hi! I'm Brit Lashae, Book-Writing Coach, Founder, & CEO of Journey Written. Journey Written®️ is a Book-Writing Company for the woman who is READY to write her story & testimony into a published book.

We work with the Aspiring Author, ready to make an impact through her story and testimony.

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Our Difference & How We Serve You

You don’t need a finished manuscript to work with Journey Written - we want to help you put your first words on paper. Together, we will turn your story and testimony into a full experience that impacts and transforms the lives of other women.

Your voice deserves to be heard!

Another way in which Journey Written is different from other book-writing companies is that we focus on women's life stories. This allows the writer to not only share her story & testimony but also her exact process and framework of her journey. This provides transformation and a roadmap for other women to be encouraged. Women sharing their stories also helps other women to “be ready” to share their stories.

What if your book could...

change just one person’s life forever? Releasing your story in a creative and innovative way is a challenge. Journey Written makes that challenge a lot easier.

  • Story Ideation & Book-Storming Strategy Session ($497)

    For the woman who knows she has a book inside of her but needs guidance on uncovering which part of her personal story and testimony to write and share that aligns with the impact she knows she is here to make. We will strategize and work together 1-on-1 to come up with your book idea, story outline, book process, layout idea, and book strategy together.


    90-Minute Strategy Call

    A follow-up strategic document with your personalized outline and process

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  • The 4-Hour VIP Day Experience ($1497)

    Our signature 1:1 private 4-Hour VIP Day Intensive designed for the woman READY to write & package her story & testimony into a book. We will work together virtually to formulate and organize your ideas and experiences, create an actionable book outline, and develop your entire book project through Journey Written's 4-phase book-writing framework.

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  • The Committed Author Program ($3500)

    The Committed Author Program is our signature intimate & private 9-week book-writing accelerator & group coaching program. This program is full of community, support, & accountability to get your book written & launched. This is perfect for the woman who wants to work with us from ideation to 1st draft manuscript. Includes (7) Group Coaching Sessions + (2) 50-minute 1:1 Private Book-Writing Coaching Calls + Weekly Individualized Writing Feedback & Assignments.

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The Committed Author Self-Publishing Course

A course for aspiring authors who want to self-publish their book.

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