Client Testimonials

 Amber Nicole Bryant 

Author of: One Day At A Time: Self-Healing Journey For The Rejected Soul

 "I chose to work with Journey Written because I needed help writing my story of rejection. This was more than a  book for me. This book is my testimony and a story of how I overcame my battle with the stronghold of  rejection. I specifically chose to work with this company because Brit Lashae specializes in inner healing and that is what my book is about. I knew she would challenge me to write and share my story in a way that would be raw and relatable, but also empower my readers to heal and do their own inner healing work.

The Book Writing Coaching experience was amazing. I like how detailed and organized Brit Lashae was throughout my experience with working with her. From the very first meeting, I knew I had made the right decision to work with Journey Written. The weekly  Zoom sessions and accountability emails were my favorite part of the book writing coaching journey. I looked forward to the weekly checks in and I appreciated the weekly accountability emails sent to me every Saturday. Those emails were my reminder and motivation to stay on track in my writing process.

The best part of working with Journey Written was the relationship I developed with the owner, Brit Lashae. She really inspired me and motivated me throughout the entire experience. She challenged me at times and really made me dig deep within myself to share parts of my story that I didn't think I could. She also was extremely organized and time oriented. She made my entire book writing and self-publishing process easy. All I had to do was focus on the writing and she helped me with the rest.

My favorite part of the journey was when she helped me develop the self-coaching questions in my book. That was my biggest challenge in the writing process. Since inner healing is her expertise, she was able to help write and develop inner healing questions for each phase of my book and gave me weekly feedback on the questions I created. I appreciate that more than she knows!

I loved my experience working with Journey Written and I cannot wait to work with them again for my next book.

I would absolutely recommend other women to work with Journey Written. Writing a book is a journey within its self. Especially, a book you are writing about sharing a traumatic experience in your life. It takes a special person to help you go through that journey. Sharing your story can be triggering and Journey Written helps you overcome your triggers and focus on your why. Not all book coaches have the capability do this.

Not only does Journey Written help you overcome your triggers, Journey Written helps you through every step of your book writing process. From the initial book outline to the final step of publishing your book through your selected self-publishing company, you don't have to worry about a thing!"


Elaine K Collier

Author of: Once Bitten, Twice Prepared

"I was guided to Journey Written through an internet search. It was the last link on the list of many but I knew that this company was a perfect match for my book. I was not disappointed. I met with Brit on a weekly basis via Zoom and she really got me focussed on what I wanted to achieve. She pulled my story out of me, sometimes digging deep into parts of my journey that I had either forgotten or didn't particularly want to revisit. She gave me the confidence that my story was worth telling and the enthusiasm to keep writing. Brit and I spoke weekly with e-mails in between. She broke the work down into manageable chunks so that I had enough work to do without being overwhelmed by the complete project. It's hard to choose the best part of working with Brit, but highlights came at the start when she made it clear that the book was worth writing, and towards the end when it was ready to go to the editor. With Brit's help, I had achieved one of my goals. I would definitely recommend Brit and Journey Written to others. Brit gives you the confidence to write your story in the best way possible, and the knowledge to turn it into a published book."


LaKrystal Lovett

Author of: Gracefully Broken

"Working with Journey Written was a life-changing experience for me. Not only did I gain a book writing coach, but I also gained an accountability partner as well as someone who believed in the impact and the success of my book. The book writing process itself was challenging and there were days when I became extremely overwhelmed. I even let fear and doubt discourage me. But Brit was heaven sent. She was the most kind, patient, and encouraging coach that I have ever worked with. She gave me the courage I needed when I was too overwhelmed to believe in myself. If you are interested in telling your story and want to work with a company that is led by the holy-spirit then Journey Written is the company for you. Brit was straightforward and honest about any and every question that I asked her. But most of all she was supportive. One of the things I enjoyed the most about Journey Written was the weekly check-ins we would have. I got the opportunity to meet with her virtually every week to discuss the progress of my book. On top of that, she would check up on me during the week via email.  She was always on top of things and she left no room for confusion or miscommunication. I definitely recommend working with Journey written."

Strategy Session

"Brit omg! I thank you so much for this. Today’s strategy session was absolutely amazing. A few key points that really stood out:
1. Your ability to hear all of my multiple stories and make sense of them.
2. The clarity I gained and the perspective of unmatched.
3. How you took everything we discussed and strategized literally created an outline of the book.
4. You made me dig deep and unlock some things that I didn’t even know were locked.
5. Strategized on how I can turn my book into multiple streams for my coaching programs.
I’m so excited to get started. Like the anxiety around Creating this book and journal is gone. Whew, I thank God for you."

- Jessica Rene, Founder & CEO of BrandedWC