Journey Written Memoir & Guided Journal by Author Brit Lashae | Book of Faith

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Journey Written Book by Author Brit Lashae | Book of Faith | Female Empowerment Book | Book for Writers | Self-Help Book | Motivational Book

Journey Written: Faith. Obedience. Execution is a book that will take you on the journey of how I got to know what my calling from God was. Throughout this book, you will see that as my faith and healing transformed so did my business.  Take a trip with me to the places in my mind that have learned self-discipline and an ever-strengthening faith in God. As a believer in female inner healing, empowerment, and obtaining success through hard work and faith, this inspirational book explores the changes I had to make in life to achieve my goals in my personal and business life.

As a writer and businesswoman, I have had to make many transformations to become the person I am today. Walk with me through the steps to success that I had to take to do God's will and how to find self-worth and wholeness in a time where I felt broken.

 Journey Written also has a companion guided-journal inside the book that is geared towards helping you take a journey through your Faith, Obedience, and Execution and how to create these changes within yourself.