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Gracefully Broken by Author LaKrystal Lovett

Gracefully Broken by Author LaKrystal Lovett

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LaKrystal Lovett is a lot like you. She is a person who loves. A person who struggles and a person who thought that she had her life under control. She loves God and considered herself a vessel of Christ. That is, until the tragic death of her twenty-seven-year old sister turned her life upside down. She went from consistently seeking God, to having no desire to seek him at all. Gracefully broken will take you through moments of agonizing grief and faltering faith. With a voice that is brave and unapologetic LaKrystal’s inspiring story reveals how the same storm that tried to destroy her became the gateway to her purpose.

About the Author

LaKrystal L. was born in Detroit, MI. She is an author and a full time nursing student. As a woman on a journey of intentional healing she aspires to share her story across the globe. Her passion is helping others whether that’s through telling her testimony or being a caregiver. Gracefully broken is LaKrystal’s first published book. Her mission is to help others through their healing journey and embrace the true essence of evolving.

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