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I often thought about what I wanted the mission of Journey Written to be. Would the mission be more around women being courageous in sharing their stories, or would it be more around empowerment?  

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Overall I knew that Journey Written would encompass both of these themes. Still, personally, I wanted something that was a little deeper that allowed women to showcase their individuality and authenticity within their own stories. Narrowing it down and really thinking through what I wanted the mission to be I thought about my company’s values and what we stand for, I thought about how I wanted my clients to feel when working with Journey Written, I thought about their readers and how I wanted them to feel after being able to experience my client’s story, and all of this helped me come up with a mission that was authentic to Journey Written and myself as the founder.

Journey Written's mission is to help women write & launch their stories with ease, individuality, and creativity to create a reader experience that's unmatched.

So what exactly do I mean by ease, individuality, and creativity?

Writing your story with ease….

It’s important to me that our clients write their stories and testimony with ease. I don’t want any room for confusion or stagnation when it comes to writing your story. The purpose of hiring a book-writing coach is so that you have someone who is able to support you, hold you accountable, and most importantly help you reach your writing goals with confidence and peace. Being able to help you outline your story in a way that is not overwhelming to you, provide you guidance on writing your story, and come up with a writing schedule that honors your life and boundaries is important to me so that you can execute and launch your book. We need your story!

The importance of individuality…

Individuality is key. It allows you as a writer and author to showcase who you are as your most authentic self. No one should ever want to change your story, it is a part of who you are. Your testimony is your signature mark in your journey and what makes you, you. It was important for me to put this in our mission so that current and future clients of Journey Written know that we want you to show up as your most authentic self. 

Your creativity + reader experience…

Speaking of individuality, this allows you to add your unique personality to your story and book and for you to be creative in how you want your reader to also experience YOU. I absolutely love this portion of our mission. There is nothing more exciting than having your reader come back and tell you how your story and book has impacted them and how they could feel your unique personality throughout the book. Literally, that experience is unmatched!

Again I am excited about our mission and look forward to making sure each client writes their story with ease, individuality, and creativity to create a reader experience that’s unmatched.

Talk soon!

Brit Lashae

Author & Book-Writing Coach


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Brit Lashae is an Author & Book-Writing Coach for Female Founders. She founded Journey Written in 2020 and has a passion for helping aspiring authors tell their story and testimony. Throughout the Journey Written Blog she writes about Book-Writing Tips, Self-Care, and more!