What is a Book-Writing Coach and is One Right for You?

What exactly is a Book-Writing Coach? Is it someone who ONLY helps you write your book and then sends you along your way?  

Or does the title go deeper than that? 🤔

Well, let me just tell you before you finish reading this blog, that the Book-Writing Coaching title definitely goes deeper than you think, especially with Journey Written.

Let’s dive deeper.

A book-writing coach is someone who believes in your story, and helps you bring your writing goals to life. At Journey Written, as your book-writing coach, you are guided and supported on how to get your book written - but it's more than just helping you write your book.  It's also making sure that we partner together so that you have:

  • A writing schedule that aligns with your life and boundaries
  • Organization and structure to not be overwhelmed by the entire process
  • Focus on your why to make sure that you complete your first draft manuscript 
  • Guidance on putting your first and next words on paper
  • Support and accountability to help you stay the course and not get discouraged or distracted

These are just a few things that a book-writing coach has to offer you. 

You are the expert of your story.

I believe that one of the most important things that a book-writing coach can instill in their clients is that their story is theirs to tell. Your story is impactful, transformative, and powerful, and it is not any book-writing coaches job to change your story, but to help you pull out those additional gems within you.

At Journey Written, what I find is that our authors have usually left out some really key parts of their story. Why? Because they are so close to their story and have been telling it for so long that they don’t even realize some of the most impactful parts they are leaving out. So from the beginning, what I really love to do as a coach is go through and walk through our clients story with them to make sure that they haven’t missed key pieces to their story and testimony.

The key to my job is to make sure that you articulate your story in a way that is authentic to you.

Yes, I got you!


So you maybe thinking to yourself...

Do I need a Book-Writing Coach? 

And to be honest this is something that only you can answer.  There are so many other great benefits that come with hiring a book-writing coach that is more extensive than what I explained above.

I want to provide you a list of questions to ask yourself and journal on to see if hiring a book-writing coach is right for you.

  1. Am I ready to write and tell my story and testimony?
  2. What does support in my book-writing journey look like for me?
  3. Do I need guidance and direction on how to organize all of my thoughts and journals into a manuscript?
  4. Am I overwhelmed and stuck on how to start and finish my book?
  5. Am I ready for accountability and commitment?
  6. What are the pros and cons of hiring vs not hiring a Book-Writing Coach?
  7. Am I ready to make the investment in myself to accomplish one of my goals?

As you reflect on these questions, I also want to provide some tips on what to look for in a Book-Writing Coach:

  1. A coach that aligns with your values and beliefs
  2. A coach that aligns with your genre
  3. A coach that aligns with your book-writing goals

I know it goes without saying that the book-writng journey is a process, a process that takes time, diligence, and commitment. And this is exactly what you would get assistance with working with Journey Written. I must say as a Book-Writing Coach, it has been rewarding to see Journey Written’s Authors write and tell their personal stories and testimony. I want to make sure I  get your book birthed and out into the world. 

Everyone has a story that is worth being told.

Talk soon!

Brit Lashae

Book-Writing Coach & Founder of Journey Written®️


Ready to work with Journey Written and have me as your book-writing Coach?  Visit www.JourneyWritten.com today so that we can discuss your book goals and project!

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Brit Lashae is an Author & Book-Writing Coach for Female Founders. She founded Journey Written in 2020 and has a passion for helping aspiring authors tell their story and testimony. Throughout the Journey Written Blog she writes about Book-Writing Tips, Self-Care, and more!