Balance + Memoir Writing

Balance. A word that so many of us crave to have in our life. 

Personally, I have been working toward greater balance in my own life. I know for me this is something that I have been working on very intentionally lately. But what does it really mean to have balance, and how can we put it into practice?

Defining balance based on our own understanding and applying it to our personal lives is essential. According to the definition, balance means "an even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady." The phrases "even distribution of weight" and "steady" are crucial because an imbalance leads to instability, which can result in burnout and a lack of balance.

For this week's blog post, we'll be discussing the topic of Balance and Memoir Writing. As a female founder, it's important to maintain a healthy balance in all areas of your life to thrive, including your writing. To help you achieve this, I've put together three action steps that you can take.


#1. Know who you are and what works for you!

Self-awareness is key! With balance, it's vital to identify what works for you, not for anyone else. Finding balance and really embracing the self-care that you need to thrive will take some time to learn, and that’s okay. That's why it's essential to understand who you are and what works for you, so you can identify what's wrong when you feel off-balance and get back on track. For me and my writers, I work with them initially to create a writing plan that aligns with their life and boundaries, recognizing that everyone is unique and has different self-care and balance strategies that work for them.

#2. Create healthy boundaries for yourself (honor what you said you were going to do)

Creating healthy boundaries for yourself is just as important as creating boundaries for others. It is crucial to understand that your time, your energy, and your mental health are valuable resources that need to be protected and nurtured. This means that you need to honor the promises that you made to yourself and follow through with your commitments.

When you set boundaries for yourself, you are essentially creating a structure that helps you prioritize your book goals and values. This structure will help you stay focused, motivated, and productive. It will also help you avoid burnout and overwhelm, which can be detrimental to your mental and physical health.

To create healthy boundaries, you need to identify your priorities and establish clear guidelines for yourself. This could include setting specific working hours, limiting your social media use, prioritizing self-care activities, and learning to say no when necessary. These boundaries will help you create a work-life balance that is sustainable and fulfilling.

Remember, taking care of yourself is not selfish, it is necessary. So, honor the boundaries that you have set up for yourself, and watch how your life and book transform for the better.

#3. Prioritize yourself

Another important thing to remember is to prioritize yourself. Neglecting your own needs could lead to resentment and bitterness towards yourself, your family, friends, your book, or your clients. Learning how to put yourself first may be challenging, but it can ultimately benefit you and those around you. By doing so, you can give your undivided attention to your loved ones, book goals, and clients while feeling fulfilled. Don't be afraid to choose yourself, as it can help you become the best version of yourself and achieve your goals. In the end, it's a win-win situation.

As I close out this blog, I want to answer the question of what this has to do with writing your story?

When you have a healthy balance set up in all areas of your life, you set yourself up for success in thriving as you write as well. Having balance will help you avoid burnout and actually execute your book goals.

Remember the definition of balance at the beginning of the blog: “an even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady.” So, if you are “even” like the definition of balance states then you are able to plug in writing your book into your schedule so that you stay “steady” but if it is uneven in the distribution of everything you have going on, then something in your life is going to suffer and be pushed to the side, whether it’s your self-care, your friendships, the business, or your book being delayed. 

Create and embrace healthy balance, take the time to do the 3 action tips provided, and thrive in your life so that you can write with joy, enjoy loved ones, and make an impact in your business! I believe in you.

Let me know in the comments how you are creating balance in your life!

Yours Truly,

Brit Lashae

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