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Jessica Renee Grant | Strategy Session Client

Jessica Renee Grant | Strategy Session Client

Strategy Session Client

Jessica’s Full Client Testimonial:

"Brit omg! I thank you so much for this. Today’s strategy session was absolutely amazing. A few key points that really stood out:
1. Your ability to hear all of my multiple stories and make sense of them.
2. The clarity I gained and the perspective of unmatched.
3. How you took everything we discussed and strategized literally created an outline of the book.
4. You made me dig deep and unlock some things that I didn’t even know were locked.
5. Strategized on how I can turn my book into multiple streams for my coaching programs.
I’m so excited to get started. Like the anxiety around Creating this book and journal is gone. Whew, I thank God for you."

Jessica Rene, Founder & CEO of BrandedWC

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"It's time to make the shift.." ~ Jessica Renee Grant