Meet Your Coach

Meet Your Book Writing Coach, Ms. Brit Lashae

Hey, Hey! It's Ms. Brit Lashae, CEO & Founder of Journey Written ™️ and your Book Writing Coach. I am the author of Armor of Words, Triggered Book & Workbook, and Journey Written Memoir & Guided Journal. I started my inner-healing journey in 2017, and I honestly didn't know that it would lead me to be an author, and more specifically an author that would be sharing her story and helping other women along the way.  Other women told me that they could relate to my words and my story and I want to inspire and help you publish yours. I will meet you wherever you are on your journey and help you formulate and organize your ideas and experiences. Talking about what you want to say and brainstorming with another person is a great way to get perspective on your testimonial.  When you are writing your story, you may find many “triggers,” and I give want to give you the tools to push past those triggers. So, if you’re ready to release your testimony, but you’re not sure where to begin, we will chat, and I will respectfully and compassionately “pull the story” out of you. 

As your Book Writing Coach allow me to be your...

Thought Partner, Cheerleader, & Mentor

By being your accountability partner, providing feedback, and helping you defeat procrastination.

Clarity & Momentum

By providing clear direction, structure, and focus


By breaking down your book into doable actionable steps so you always have a next step


Your voice matters. Your story matters. Your testimony will inspire others. We work with Christian women who are ready to break their silence and release their testimony to the world!