Meet Your Coach

Meet Your Book Writing Coach, Ms. Brit Lashae

Hey, Hey! It's Ms. Brit Lashae, Founder & CEO of Journey Written®️ and your Book Writing Coach. I am the author of Armor of Words, Triggered Workbook, & Journey Written Memoir & Guided Journal. I started my inner-healing journey in 2017 from abuse, depression, anxiety, guilt, and perfectionism, and in 2019 God called me to write my first workbook, Triggered. This workbook provided me an opportunity to package how I was able to understand my Triggers and share my process with other women. In 2020, I was called to write my memoir & guided journal, Journey Written, which takes my readers through my Faith, Obedience, & Execution journey and allows my readers to also do the work.

I am excited to support and guide other female founders on how to package up their stories & testimony to create a reader experience that is unmatched.

I look forward to working with you. Your story is worth being told! 

As your Book Writing Coach allow me to be your...

Thought Partner, Cheerleader, & Mentor

By being your accountability partner, providing feedback, and helping you defeat procrastination.

Clarity & Momentum

By providing clear direction, structure, and focus


By breaking down your book into doable actionable steps so you always have a next step


Your voice matters. Your story matters. Your testimony will inspire others. We work with Faith-Based women who are ready to break their silence and release their testimony to the world!