How Author LaKrystal L. Wrote her Story of Resilience, Faith, & Grief with Journey Written

How Author LaKrystal L. Wrote her Story of Resilience, Faith, & Grief with Journey Written

“The same storm that tried to destroy me became the gateway to my purpose…”

LaKrystal Lovett is a lot like you. She is a person who loves. A person who struggles and a person who thought that she had her life under control. She loves God and considers herself a vessel of Christ. That is until the tragic death of her twenty-seven-year-old sister turned her life upside down….

The Story of LaKrystal Lovett

LaKrystal L. is from Detroit, MI, and recently graduated from nursing school. In her story and testimony, you will see that she went from consistently seeking God, to having no desire to seek him at all. Gracefully Broken will take you through moments of agonizing grief and faltering faith. With a voice that is brave and unapologetic, LaKrystal’s inspiring story reveals how the same storm that tried to destroy her became the gateway to her purpose.

The Opportunity of Writing her Story

"It’s not an actual book yet just chapters that need to be put together…"

LaKrystal came to Journey Written ready to share her personal story and testimony. She was looking for specific guidance in writing her story - a story that was very personal to her in regards to grief and faith. With already having a journaling routine in place and having started writing her book about an experience that she had overcome, she really needed help on how to structure her thoughts. I remember when we first started she wrote me in an email that “it’s not an actual book yet just chapters that need to be put together lol.”

She needed help putting this all together but how?

Her personality and her excitement to start working on her book got me more excited as her book-writing coach. I knew that Journey Written would be able to help her organize her thoughts to create the book that she desired and envisioned holding in her hands. 

To LaKrystal, this book was not just an ordinary book, this was going to be a book that she dedicated to her sister, a book that she was going to make sure would create an impact on others who are dealing with grief and faith.

Why LaKrystal Chose Journey Written

Deciding to work with a company that aligned with LaKrystal’s beliefs, being relatable, and whom she felt she could be her most authentic self with, was important in her decision to work with Journey Written. She discovered Journey Written through the Brit Lashae Speaks podcast and from me sharing my story and transparency of my own inner healing journey. She stated that “she considered going with another company that offered similar services, but she felt God led her to Journey Written so she waited to continue to get confirmation.” She knew she had a vision for her book and was ready to bring that vision to full fruition. LaKrystal decided that the time was now to write her book, and Journey Written was going to be the company that helped her birth what was on the inside of her.

How Journey Written Responded 

We first started with a consultation and discovery call to make sure that Journey Written aligned with the goals that LaKrystal had for her book. It was my job to make sure that she was able to tell and write her story in an environment that was supportive to her, before hiring me as her book-writing coach. Once LaKrystal was onboarded, we got straight to work by:

  • Creating her a dedicated and personalized writing schedule that aligned with her schedule as a full-time nursing student
  • Guiding her in releasing everything that was in her head and in her journals into an actionable and organized book outline
  • Supporting her in chapter title formulation and structure
  • Providing weekly book-writing coaching sessions and accountability
  • Making sure she had a finished impactful and powerful manuscript that would go from editing to fully launched.

In her Journey Written Podcast Experience she stated that, “Accountability helped her stay committed to her book and what she was doing. She didn’t know that a book-writing coach was someone who brings your story to life, helping her form her story into chapters that flowed beautifully, including the preface and introduction, someone that helped her go deeper and make her story into a book.”

I wanted to make sure that the experience LaKrystal had was one where she felt she had support, guidance, and accountability in her writing journey.

"Working with Journey Written was a life-changing experience for me. Not only did I gain a book writing coach, but I also gained an accountability partner as well as someone who believed in the impact and the success of my book.”

The Results

After having a finished manuscript, LaKrystal’s story and testimony were ready to go into editing and the publishing process, leading to the launch of Gracefully Broken by Author LaKrsytal Lovett

LaKrystal’s Full Testimony:

"Working with Journey Written was a life-changing experience for me. Not only did I gain a book writing coach, but I also gained an accountability partner as well as someone who believed in the impact and the success of my book. The book writing process itself was challenging and there were days when I became extremely overwhelmed. I even let fear and doubt discourage me. But Brit was heaven sent. She was the most kind, patient, and encouraging coach that I have ever worked with. She gave me the courage I needed when I was too overwhelmed to believe in myself. If you are interested in telling your story and want to work with a company that is led by the holy-spirit then Journey Written is the company for you. Brit was straightforward and honest about any and every question that I asked her. But most of all she was supportive. One of the things I enjoyed the most about Journey Written was the weekly check-ins we would have. I got the opportunity to meet with her virtually every week to discuss the progress of my book. On top of that, she would check up on me during the week via email.  She was always on top of things and she left no room for confusion or miscommunication. I definitely recommend working with Journey written."


It’s no secret that I want every client to write their own personal story and testimony, it’s a beautiful thing when you see aspiring authors bring their dreams into reality.  As a book-writing coach I am here to help guide, support, and empower you that your story is worth being told, written, and read by the people you are called to impact and serve. 

If you are ready to release and write your story and testimony into a book. Let’s talk.

Yours Truly, 

Brit Lashae 

Ready to work with Journey Written and have me as your book-writing Coach?  Visit today so that we can discuss your book goals and project!


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