5 Positive Affirmations and Declarations to End your Night and Ease your Mind as an Aspiring Author

5 Positive Affirmations and Declarations to End your Night and Ease your Mind as an Aspiring Author

Can we all agree that sometimes we end the day with lots on our minds, thinking about what we need to do the next day, or maybe being stuck on a particular situation that may have happened that day or in the past? Did you know that this can also keep you stuck in completing your book goals? It’s no secret that we all know how important it is to wind down and get proper rest at night - but what if your mind continues to race and you can’t get it to calm down? What if you struggle with the thought of actually resting? (Yes this is a thing 😩)

I am continuously learning and practicing the art of honoring my nights and easing my mind before I go to bed. In this post, I want to provide a few positive affirmations and declarations that help with resting and easing your mind so that you can write from a place of peace. Before I get into the affirmations, let me provide you with a few tips that I encourage you to do as you say and repeat these affirmations & declarations:

Deep Breathing: Breathe in slowly (5 counts), Hold your breath, (3 counts), and Breathe out slowly (5 counts). Do this before you say your affirmations. Deep breathing helps lower your stress and calms your thoughts.

Self-Compassion: Put your hand over your heart while speaking the affirmations. I practice this, as this shows self-compassion, and helps me get in tune with the present moment.

Speak it and believe it: Say the affirmations out loud. Your words have power (Proverbs 18:21), so use the power of your tongue to declare your affirmations, believe it, allow it, and receive it.

5 Positive Affirmations & Declarations to End your Night & Ease your Mind as an Aspiring Author

I let go of my limiting beliefs: Let go of thoughts that are trying to hold you back and keep you stuck.  Don’t limit yourself to beliefs that are not in alignment with your book goals or who you want to be as a writer and author.  

I give myself permission to rest and enjoy my evening: Some people have a hard time resting and being still, if this is you, trust me, it takes time and practice to learn how to rest and chill.  Choose a time that works for you to watch your favorite show or read a book without distractions, and work your way up from there. If you are someone who likes to write in the evening and uses your mornings to relax to start your day, then change this affirmation to say “I give myself permission to rest and enjoy my morning,” so that you can find time to be still and rest in alignment to your routine. This can even work for the afternoon.

I release anxiety about my future and trust that everything is working together for my good: The one thing we can control is our present moment and what we choose to do while we are in it.  For me, I had to change my mindset about the future from being anxious about it to being excited about everything that is in store for me.  It’s okay to be excited about your future, but don’t get stuck worrying about it. (Easier said than done, I know) 

Sometimes you have to talk to yourself in the mirror and that is perfectly fine!

I release any negative thoughts, to create room for peace: Release the negative thoughts that are not allowing you to have a positive and peaceful mental space. As a negative thought comes, think about how you can replace it with a positive thought.

I release guilt. I am free. I am safe: One thing that will keep you up at night and have your mind racing is feeling guilty about something. “I didn’t write as many words as I wanted to today….I didn’t dedicate the hour I promised myself today toward my book….” Whatever the situation may be, you have to learn how to forgive yourself and start your next day with new energy. Definitely not an overnight process, but as you take the steps to release any guilt, time will heal and it will get better.

I hope these affirmations help you end your night and ease your mind so that you can write with excitement and execution.

Which affirmation resonated with you the most? Let me know in the comments and I will be sure to respond!

Have a good evening.

Yours Truly, 

Brit Lashae

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