Is a VIP Day Right for you?

Personally, I always love a productive VIP Day, where you can show up and get things done in one sitting. It amazes me what you can get done when you have focused attention on a specific goal, with an added bonus of someone working and supporting your goal with you. In this blog, we’ll explore exactly what a VIP Day is and how to decide if now is the time for you to invest in one as well.

What is a VIP Day?

So what is a VIP Day one may ask, and to be completely transparent, what in the world is a VIP Day with a book-writing coach?

At Journey Written a VIP Day is a day where you and I meet to outline and map out your entire book project. We work together to put all of your thoughts and ideas that are in your head onto paper so that you can write & execute your book with ease. There’s nothing like focusing on getting things done with an expert guide by your side. Having dedicated support helps eliminate the overwhelm, being stuck, and not having clear direction on your next steps. At Journey Written I want your VIP Day to be one that is a complete experience for you. An experience that gets you results on your book project and goals so that you can leave your VIP Day feeling at ease, excited, and ready to execute the plan that we have put together.

Why a VIP Day and Are There Benefits to One?

I’ve noticed that most authors that work with me, are stuck at the beginning stages of writing their books.  They have so much information that is in their head, so many thoughts, tools, and strategies that they want to put into their book that they need someone to come and help them organize. And not only just organize, but also help with an actionable outline, and a writing schedule that aligns with their life and boundaries.

Having a VIP Day is your chance to have dedicated time to strategize, map out, and have a plan of action that aligns with your goals. And best of all?  You’ll have focused attention from someone who cares deeply about helping you achieve your goals. The key thing that drives me in my work is helping women get their story out in a creative way that is authentic to them.  If I am able to help you find a way to look at your entire book project and see it on paper in an organized way where you can follow your outline with ease and have no confusion about how to start and finish your manuscript - that’s when my work has meaning!

How to Know if you’re ready for a VIP Day?

Before you decide to invest in a VIP Day, here are two questions that will help you assess if this is the right option for you:

  1. Have you clearly defined what your book-writing goals are? A VIP Day is the most worthwhile when it helps you achieve your specific goals. Think about if you want to work with a book-writing coach short or long term. If it’s short term, then a VIP day is perfect for you.
  2. Do you understand the benefits of having a VIP Day? Your time investment will include executing on your goals, having support and accountability, clear action, and being closer to holding your book in your hands that aligns with your committed deadline.

Who are VIP Days good for?

VIP Days are good for those who don’t want or need the support of weekly calls, and who are hyper-focused on a specific outcome.

The 5 Key questions that will help you decide if now is the time to Invest in a VIP Day:

  1. What is my book timeline? (Do I want to launch it within the next 3-6 months or within the next year?)
  2. How valuable is my time?
  3. Do I have a clear vision of what success looks like and how it will feel when I get there? (e.g. increased productivity, an actionable outline, etc) 
  4. Am I an executor who once I have an outline and schedule to complete my book, will continue on to officially launch my book?
  5. Why do I want to invest in myself now? (e.g. I want to feel fulfilled, proud, and excited that my vision, story, and testimony are coming to life; don’t want to procrastinate)

If you know that you are an action taker and that you just need the first few steps and guidance to get you along on your book writing goals, then a VIP Day is perfect for you. VIP Days are an incredible opportunity for you to START and map out your book project. The VIP Day Experience is about you working side-by-side with someone to complete your goals - and give you tips along the way that will help you launch your book! Having someone help you put everything that you want in your book into a nice and clear format so that you can follow the plan on your own and move along in your process, is key.

Ready to book your VIP Experience with Journey Written and have me as your Book-Writing Coach? Visit today so that we can discuss your book goals and project!

Brit Lashae

Book-Writing Coach & Founder of Journey Written®️


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Brit Lashae is an Author & Book-Writing Coach for Female Founders. She founded Journey Written in 2020 and has a passion for helping aspiring authors tell their story and testimony. Throughout the Journey Written Blog she writes about Book-Writing Tips, Self-Care, and more!